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  Procedure FAQ

The skin is thoroughly cleaned with a mild cleanser. Topical anaesthetic is then applied to the area to be treated. After the anaesthetic has time to work the micro needling pen then passes over the required area a few times pushing a DNA repairing peptide serum into the skin. The area is then wiped clean and a recovery balm is applied to the skin to promote healing and the rapid turnover of new cells.


It is unlikely that you will have any side effects apart from a little redness which may last 4-6 hours.
Keep skin moist with recovery balm.
Stay out of the sun or use sun screen when in the sun.

Whilst the channels to the dermis are open it is advisable to use a serum that is able to repair damaged cells, stimulate healthy stem cells, collagen production and increase hydration to combat the signs of aging. When micro-needling is combined with your skin care products it all works together to create greater results.
We stock a range of Australian made cosmeceuticals at a reasonable price.
Skin needling is less invasive and not as expensive as other treatments in this area and offers proven results.
Although mainly used on the face it is also effective on the body.
For best results skin needling requires 3 sessions, within 3 months