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Everyone wants beautiful lips. With permanent lip colour we can fix irregularities, improve shape and colour and stop you from reaching for lipstick during the day. It is the perfect way to shape, enhance and colour your lips. A lip procedure can make your lips look fuller, more youthful and more symmetrical. Pale lip colour, blurred lip line, or scarring, can all be corrected and your lips will always look great with or without the addition of lipstick.

Lip Line

Colour is implanted in the outer edge of the lips. This procedure is great for correcting the shape of the lips and giving them more symmetry.

Lip Blend

Like the lip line procedure the lips are outlined and then the colour blended into the lips to give a softer looking line.

Full Lip Colour

In this procedure the lips are tinted with an all over colour. Not only does this procedure enhance the lips, it can also make the lips appear fuller and eliminates the need to apply lipstick.